BLEEDING RED – Timo interview at Rock It on March 24th part.I

Awesome band is just awesome! Bleeding Red’s very first full-length “Evolution’s Crown” is out now. Sammy (the manager of Parasite Inc.) had an interview with Timo at the CD release party venue Rock It Aalen on March 24th! The original German interview is on

Thank you so much to Sammy for sharing it! Okay here we go!

Sammy: The Show is over, how did it go?

Timo:  Yes, super awesome or? It was an awesome show and what is very important: The audience was super wild. And if the audience goes crazy, I go crazy too. If the audience is lame, I become lame somehow, too. But if it is like today and the audience freaks out, then I also freak out. And then it becomes a really awesome gig. And so it was today!

Sammy: With “Evolution’s Crown” your Label debut is released now. Almost 2 years ago the demo was there. How has the label search been proceeded? Are you glad to be accommodated?

Timo: The search of a label was rather slow. Over and over we got offers, partially also from famous labels. But in the end it never came to a result and nobody of them dared. But now a small new label has dared: Rock Road. Our album is the second CD that will be released there. Well, they are really new and fresh and it’s going to be worth for them. So far we are really satisfied and can do there what we want. Because we are really independent with promotion stuff, the label gives us a free hand. That’s cool.

Sammy:  You have been in the studio for the 3rd time now: EP, demo, album. Is there already a kind of routine?

Timo: No, not a bit. Until now there never was any routine. Always something new, always new tasks and problems that you have to overcome. You always learn something new but to speak from “routine” it is really too early.

Sammy: The album is out. What’s next? After it was relatively silent the last year, does it continue with live gigs now?

Timo: Well, maybe relative quiet but we had several gigs though. But also this year we don’t have any big plans. Quite cool gigs we already have: Next week in Böblingen (city in Germany) at Casa Nostra (youth center) for example. Already that sounds awesome somehow. We play on the Maniacs Of Rock Festival, on the Crowfield Festival in Schwäbisch Gmünd (city in Germany). It’s a very new festival with different music styles: On the first day “dance-floor” , on the next day “metal” . But I have to say: Last year we have been on more festivals. We don’t have planned anything with touring. So far there are confirmed 7 dates but if the album should hit, there will be the one or another festival for sure. For that we hope at the moment.

Sammy: 2012 – It means 5 years band history…

Timo: Manu (guitarist) maybe would say now: 6 years. But something in between is right. It depends on what you count. We started in 2006 but as a pure cover band. We were not called Bleeding Red and we have not written own songs. In the end of 2007 we started for real.

Sammy: Well, how do you see the career of the band at the moment when you think about the last 5 years?

Timo: At the moment it means for me: Since 2007 it was only going plane but anyway upward all the time. And now after 5 years it pays off then anyhow. You also can go within a half year to the top or somewhere else. For us it was plane but continuously. Always a bit more, always a bit larger. And if you look at gigs like today, where 240 paying guests (270 guests overall) stand in front of you in that small “Rock It” (club), it is really awesome. Then it is worth all the shit you have to take on. Well, we have experienced much crap in that 5 years but in the end it is worth it.

All live pictures by Jürgen Ilg

To be continued to the next week!
the first full-length
Evolution’s Crown
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..and the album is also available
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BLEEDING RED “Evolution’s Crown” CD release show on March 24th 2012