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Sunless Rise New Music Video “The Forgiven” & Interview


It's still a vivid sensation that Sunless Rise released their first full-length "Unrevealed" last year after more than 5 years from the amazing promo EP. It was definitely the best album in 2015 and became one of the legendary metal masterpieces for me. The band has released their new music video "The Forgiven" from the album. So I asked them a couple of things about behind the scene of the video and about their upcoming new album. First of all, check the huge video "The Forgiven"!

Where did you shoot the huge scale video?

SLR: We’ve used 4 different locations in process of making this video. The main location was Kilpola island and outskirts of Tiurula - beautiful places in Karelia (which is a fantastic territory on the North). Great open spaces, majestic forests and - the main attraction for us - some moderate-sized rocks. Most of the filming happened during first two days of our staying there. You can see us roving, dying and fighting the evil Shaman (played by Igor Grabuzov, a professional actor). The process of filming was packed with all kinds of fun activities. We’ve rented a small wooden house and made it our base. The Shaman’s scary make-up was made by our friend Maya Chkonia, she is a great make-up artist. Also we’ve made the skeleton totem and the bonfire. So, day one was all about choosing the right locations and some filming (in the evening-turning-night time). Day two was dedicated to climbing rocks and sinking into snow.

Then we’ve moved back to the city; day three was chromakey day. And in the end of day four we’ve done the black and white part. It was filmed inside the city limits during night time and featured extras, the whole crowd headed by actress Ksenia Malyagina. It was very cold and no one could wear warm clothes, the actress had to spend about three hours tied to a tree. The was one moment when she had to scream - and it came out so naturally! There was another moment when the little girl (our protagonist’s “daughter”) naturally started to cry - and we were lucky to film it too! Glad everyone survived that experience, it was truly hard.

Why did you choose "The Forgiven" for a new video?

SLR: “The Forgiven” is the album’s story-line culmination and it is also a very powerful track - musically and emotionally. We’ve had to work (a lot) on the video’s scenario, rework it and add some changes from time to time - for it to became less dependent on the whole story and be more, let’s say, apprehensible.

Are you guys working on a new album?

SLR: Yes, we’ve already started working on it. We’ve came up with its concept more than a year ago. Now we’re working the details out. Got some of new tracks shaped. But we won’t say anything about release schedule yet. Probably you’ll hear a single or two before next full-length’s release.

After the first album was finished - and it took the period of 2006 to 2011 to write the whole its material - we’ve had a lot to think through and to make some things clear for ourselves. Like, what direction we would take in the future, what new elements we should add. Still thinking it through - so, it’s a lot of work to do. But we can assure you: there won’t be profound changes in our sound, we gonna keep it recognizable!


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Short Interview with Parasite Inc. – Summer Breeze 2016 and the future


Hey, you guys have been quite silent these days, so I ask you about your highlights of the year so far and your upcoming activities. First of all, did you enjoy the show at Summer Breeze? How was the audience there?

Kai: Hell yeah, we did. In general the audience at Summer Breeze is always great and it was really fun to play for them. I only wish we would have had more time on stage.

Did you feel any difference between your on-stage experience at Summer Breeze 2010 for the first time and this time?

Kai: Hmm, compared to nowadays we were really not well prepared for that kind of stage - probably even for any kind of stage. There was a lot of chaos in the band and around the band at that time and chaos is truly not your friend when it comes to show preparations. I remembered that before I walked on the stage this year and it felt great to see how things have progressed.


I heard you played a new song “This World” for the first time at that time. Is it true? I’m curious about the reaction you got from the people there.

Kai: True it is: “This World” is one of the new songs and we played it live there for the first time. To be honest, I didn't check for any reactions but I guess they just listened to the song?

Did you have time to enjoy the fest as a metal fan? Any favorite show?

Kai: We had some schedule this year, so we missed some bands but I think everybody in the band managed to check his favorites. My personal highlights were Lost Society, Arch Enemy and Evil Invaders.

Funny story: I ran into Lost Society and took their stage picture. Since I'm not an actual photographer I simply added our logo to their stage picture that they used later for facebook. They will never know, hehe. You can check it out here: Lost Society Summer Breeze photo on facebook
Of course you also should check them live!

Do you have any plan to show us “This World” within a couple of months in any way? For example: a lyrics video.

Kai: Unfortunately, there is no such plan. I mean, we are working on a video for that but it won't be released before the next album.

Well, you played in Norway this year for the first time, didn’t you? How was the trip to the land of mighty Vikings?

Kai: It was really awesome: Intense audience, great people all around and too much moonshine for me, haha. Good times!

Did the people there go crazy with your show?

Kai: Yes they did. We never had such an intense audience before. Big kudos to the people at Karmøygeddon!


As far as I know, “Time Tears Down” is still selling well and you have passionate fans from all over the world. How are you feeling about it?

Kai: The success is still kinda surreal to us for sure and we are still often surprised what our music moves for us and for the people. At the end of the day we just feel very thankful that it is so much appreciated.

So, time flies so quickly, we are all curious about your new record. Is everything going well with the song writing process so far?

Kai: It's annoyingly slow but beside that it's going well. The songs are growing step by step and to me they sound much more focused and intense with a tighter connection between music and lyrics. I'm pretty optimistic that people who dig Time Tears Down will also dig the new material.

How long should we be waiting for your new album? Sorry, it must be a nasty question for you, haha.

Kai: Does it count when I say “It's going to be released before Wintersun's Time II”? :P

Indeed it's a pretty nasty question and I get it almost every day these days. I'm currently at a point where I've become very hesitating with any predictions about a release date. We really want to make sure that we are as happy with the new stuff as we were when we did TTD and the last thing we will do for sure is to put something out that we are not satisfied with.

Anyway, don’t you think it’s about time for making a new official music video, do you? It’s been a long time since you released “Pulse of The Dead” and the video got a big success for spreading the word about the band then.

Kai: You mean like before it's too late and we get old and crumpled? ;)

I don't think so. I even don't want to waste too much thoughts about it now. The most important thing is the music itself... everything else comes later.

Will you play at Metal Christmas, won’t you? Could you tell us about the fest?

Kai: Yes, our last show for 2016 will be at Metal Christmas in Bielefeld alongside with Nothgard, Suidakra, Soulbound and a bunch of other bands. I'm really excited for it since I've never seen some of those bands live before and it's been a while since we had the chance to see our friends in Soulbound and All Will Know.
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Metal Christmas Bielefeld



Interview with Bloodspot about the relentless new album “To The Marrow”


First of all, I'm happy that you guys have done another great job with the new album “To The Marrow”. I got goose-bumps in my body to the marrow with full of in-your-face punchy tracks. Why did you give the title for the new album like that?

Howdie: Pete was the one who came up with the idea for the title. The working title said “Seeking Marrow”. But gradually we transformed it into “To The Marrow”, which is a more handy title and finally fits better to the meaning behind it. At least as far as I understood, it's intended to be like an advancement of “By The Horns” at all points. With the last album the band took the mission to metaphorically take the bull by the horns, which meant to grow together again as a band, because of member-changes, as well as to approach individual problems. “To The Marrow” marks the next step, to leave the surface and go deeper to the core. Both, musically and personally. As you could imagine, it isn't always easy to be in complete agreement as a group, consisting of five different characters. Every single member has to learn more and more to deal with the idiosyncrasies of the others. Otherwise it's not possible to grow as a group. During this process it can get very painful to go deeper. But if you are able to get through it, it definitely makes you stronger, personally and collectively. It's the same with the musical development.

Pete: We also wanted to intensify the relation to our fans, too. As you might know, we used X-Rays of our fans for the artwork. We wanted to have them with us in the artwork, as we want them with us, when we are on stage. The idea with the X-Rays came before the title "to the marrow", so it fits even better!

 I feel the album “To The Marrow” stands on the same line with “By The Horns”, straight, solid and aggressive. I feel your total confidence with your music through the established Bloodspot-sound. What do you feel about it?

Howdie: I think you are basically right. “To The Marrow” definitively sounds like Bloodspot and has the typical trademarks to it - Punch, Groove, Aggression and Dirt . But as I mentioned before, a lot changed within the band since “By The Horns”. And I think you can hear it on “To The Marrow”. Already the fact that our songwriting evolved during the process of creation had a lot of effect on "To The Marrow". On the one hand we decided to let more room for the one who comes up with an idea. To make sure that he is possible to play out his personal vision of the song, to leave an individual stamp on it. On the other hand every single band-member was included into the songwriting more deeply this time. It made sure that the songs will come out more colorful. What I want to say is that there's more variety between the songs than on “By The Horns”. We also put more little details into the material. But yeah, it's still brutal as hell for sure ;)

Marius: We couldn't make an album that isn't brutal at all, but like Howdy said, the variety is improved. For example, Björn suggested that he'd like a song with a clean guitar melody, that's how Average white came to life. Pete's Hardcore- background brought us a monster like A Vonder of Vows, as well as Feast of the  Lending Needs stems from Jaros love for Death Metal. You could say there's a solid metallic fundament with different toppings. And we wrote more songs together than in the past - e.g. Pete asked me for a fast thrashy verse in Kein Mensch Ist Illegal, and Björn threw in some ideas for Embrace the end, all of which made the songs better and more varied. But you can always hear that it's Bloodspot- we're very happy with the songs and how they emerged.

 I found an interesting fact that the total running time of “To The Marrow” is almost the same with “By The Hones” and since “To The Marrow” has 10 songs, it sounds more condensed than “By The Horns”. Did it become condensed naturally, or purposely?

Howdie: I would say both. In some way we tried to unmask needless parts and leave them out.
At least I did that fore sure. To speak for myself, I wanted some of my ideas to be as reduced and minimalist as possible this time. “Public Porn” is the best example for that. This song is definitively condensed purposely. But a lot of the other songs came out absolutely naturally, ”Average White” or “To The Marrow” for example are songs that just came out nearly the same as you can hear them on the album now. At this point I have to say a big “thank you!” to Kai from PARASITE INC. and Lukas from THE GREAT COLD, who both helped me to get along with home-recording. Without that some of the songs wouldn't sound like they do now.


 “The Act of Fame” is a relentless opener with the jackrabbit start and killer guitar riffs.
It tells me like ‘Stay sharp!’. Actually, I always get goosebumps with your super shredding guitar riffs. Which is your favorite guitar part of the album?

Howdie: Puh, it's very hard to pic just one. I have to name some more. I absolutely love all the little "vampyric" and "black metalish" guitar-parts, like in the intro-theme of "Public Porn" or the chords in the middle-part of "Feast Of The Leading Needs". I also love all the guitar-parts in two voices, especially those in "A Wonder Of Vows" and "Average White: Running Caverns". When it comes to riffing, "Economic
Eradication" is a manifest of neck-breaking killer-riffs, and the first riff of "Lower The Cut" is my most favorite on the whole album. I just recognize that there is no single song without killer guitar riffs :D

Marius: I love the fast verse- riff of To the marrow, as well as the rhythm guitar- break towards the end of Economic Eradication. The guitar work in Average white and Feast of the leading needs is in an unusual manner for Bloodspot, I like that too. And I have great fun with the guitar-leads of this record.

 I had to grin with the title of the second track “Embrace The End” but there’s no musical similarity between the song and your first full-length “Embrace The End”. Why did you use the title for the new song? It’s not a coincidence, right?

Pete: Most things are no coincidence on this album ;) To me it´s always important to have the feeling that "circles close". Even if there is an end doesn´t mean that you have to leave something or anyone without a reason. The point is to get the best out for yourself within every end you have to face! It might help not hold on too hard on things you´re better off letting them go! In case of the song, the circle closes and starts something new: We wanted to move a little bit more to the songwriting of "embrace the end" to have a mix of "by the horns" and "embrace the end".

Marius: Embrace the end of By the horns ^^ That was one of the first tracks we had finished.
Pete came up with this title, and somehow it felt right. Some parts had a more melodic feel to them, like our older stuff -Answer my fall comes to my mind- and for that it had a connection to that era, like Pete said there was a feeling of "circle-closing".

“To The Marrow”, “Kein Mensch Ist Illegal” and “Public Porn” are my most favorites in the album. Actually, there are many kickass gang-shouts in the album. Did you get conscious about your fans to shout that together at your shows when you recorded those shout parts?

Howdie: Absolutely! For me personally it was very important to get those gang-shout-parts more prominent on “To The Marrow”. Although i also like ambitious arrangements, I have always been a big fan of the simple and straight things. For me the best example from nowadays is Slayers “Relentless”. The Chorus catches you right from the start. “Live fast, on high, relentless, let it ride!”, it's just awesome! You feel instantly forced to lift your fist and yell it as loud as you can together with Tom. I love that!


 Another reason for why I love the song “Kein Mensch Ist Illegal” (No One Is Illegal) is the lyrics. It’s dealing with a universal issue and I really empathize with it. Actually every single song in the album has strong messages. So, I’d love to hear your explanation about each of those lyrics, please?

track1: The Act of Fame

Pete: An important inspiration for me were situations when "business" tried to have too much influence on the band. In common, and that´s the more important point, it is a song about honesty and sincerity. About not running with every stream, being self-conscious and far-sighted to make the right decisions. There are too many people out there that just want to exploit others, it´s about being aware of that without being afraid of them!

track2: Embrace The End

Pete: I told you already about the song. "Death is the position to make it all count" is a central sentence in the song and nails it.

track3: To The Marrow

Pete: There are several songs on "to the marrow" that follow one topic- the imbalance of our world! In all its ugly faces of suppression, racism, economic abuse, exploitation and greed, just to name a few of them.
The lyrics are about the question, what we are willing to leave, to break these cycles of unjust habits and consumption. To go to your own marrow, to see what´s really necessary. "Confess! Avow what you really need!" We are all concerned!

track4: Kein Mensch Ist Illegal

Pete: You said it already, it means "no one is illegal". It´s about the refugee-situation in common and our position is clear with this statement! it´s just sad, that the situation stokes racism and facism so hard.

Marius: Originally the chorus was written in English language, and someday out of a sudden we changed it into German. You know, Refugees, political asylum and everything that comes with it are a very important thing in Germany nowadays, there’s a big movement from the right… often it becomes just nasty, and that was our way to say “fuck you” to all the Nazi-scum. We played the song at Kalkwerkfestival ’16, and there were many persons of many different cultures and countries and subcultures like ska, hip-hop, reggae and so on, and we made them shout altogether “Kein Mensch ist illegal”. That was fucking intense… just listen to the beginning of that song.

track5: Economic Eradication

Marius: One day Pete and I talked about lyrics and topics of songs. I told him how I feel about mighty companies making big money rebuilding countries that were destroyed by war, and that it's quite common practice to give away the award of contract even prior to war.

Pete: I believe that economy is the biggest and most dangerous part of the imbalance. The connection of politics and economy is much stronger than it should be! Politicians have too much economic interests and are steered by the finances of their countries. Society is hypnotized by the offers in the stores. The behavior in consumption of every single person and the methods of the corporations have to be changed. We can not keep this amount of prosperity without suppressing other countries and their economy!

track6: A Wonder of Vows

Pete: ...has the most emotional lyrics on the album. It´s a proclamation to the affluent society, to everyone who cannot see, that goods have a bigger lobby than people! Again economic values seem to have more appreciation than human beings! "every child that starves, is killed" is the strongest sentence of the album.

track7: Public Porn

Pete: The song is about being blinded by media abuse. The text is combined to the influence of commercials and the illusion of needing senseless stuff that keep us calm and relaxed. Focusing on their status people care less about others and more about themselves. fast satisfactions and status symbols instead of thinking about real necessity!

track8: The Feast of The Leading Needs

Pete: This is one of the most abstract lyrics on the record... "the leading needs" are motivations to gain respect from our society. Created by hate, lack of self-value or envy. This culminates in different problems like dog-eat-dog-mentality, greed, fashion and beauty craze. I like the abstract ending of the song "wrath counts praise".

track9: Average White: Running Caverns

Pete: Another title with quite abstract words. It´s about our actual political situation. Due to the refugee-debate we have a strong growth of right parties in Germany again.
They are "one-topic-parties" and have obsolete programs reminding of the Parties from Nazi-Deutschland. Needless to say at this point they have to be stopped.

track10: Lower The Cut

Pete: It matches that "lower the cut" are the last words on the album. It´s the call to cut back, to reduce and to slow down. Don´t follow the stream! Don't say what everyone says! Don't buy senseless shit and use your stuff ´til it´s broken! Don´t support the static growth! Don´t feed the hungry mouth of economy!
"Reduction of abundance. The first step is the one that sates!"

“Public Porn” I mentioned in the previous question is appeared as the first music video from the album, right? Could you tell us about the location, concept and any episode behind the scene during the shooting?

Pete: Yes, it´s the first video. We produced it all for ourselves. We filmed it at Björn´s home. He owns a house together with his brother and I live there too. I did all the technical stuff, filming, light, cutting, post-production... I had several ideas for the episodes each of us is playing in the video. There are also shown some of the X-Rays our fans sent us for the artwork. To me it´s quite funny, that the scenes we play seem to fit our characters a little bit. I just want to sit and be boring, Jaro is our occult preacher, Howdie needs the longest time in the bathroom, Marius is the mad guy and Björn is simply the best in BLOODSPOT! ;)
The video is about all the lyrics of the entire album. It´s not only about "public porn". The lyrics are not always straight focused on one topic. There are some escapes to other related topics, or maybe other songs. AND: I would prefer you make your own interpretation if that´s OK!? There are really plenty of symbols hidden in the video, I don´t want to explain them all at one time. I hope you will have fun to watch it over and over again to find them all...

 Who is responsible for the album art?

Pete: We also did the Artwork together. It took a really long time to satisfy everyone in the band. I made several suggestions and prepared many prototypes. We all had different pictures of what our music sounds like at the moment. This is the reason why the artwork grew from different parts, that i wanted to put together to a homogeneous result. All in all, i think I worked more than 8 month on the artwork...

I need to tell you that you always make killer band shirts! I often wear each of them. Who did work on the newest shirt design?

Pete: Thanks. We try to have different styles. We don´t want our shirts to look all the same.
We created the actual shirt together, too... I created different designs during the recording-sessions. But in the end, we decided for this design, which took about 3 minutes to create :D

 Bloodspot is the total live band, right? Do you have any plan for local or worldwide tour with To The Marrow already?

Howdie: Yeah, you are right. And it's absolutely necessary to get us back on the road again!
We would love to tour worldwide (especially Japan for sure!) with "To The Marrow", but unfortunately it's not that easy to organize a tour at such a big range. All of us need to do regular jobs, so we don't have enough time to book a big tour completely by ourselves. But quite recently we've got a new booking-partner, who will help us to organize shows throughout Germany and also here and there in Europe. Right now we are working very hard together to create a good tour-package.

Marius: You're definitely right about Bloodspot being a live band. As a band we grew up on the road you could say, there we found ourselves, and we found out what we want to do. With the five of us together it almost feels as we were meant to be on stage. It may sound a bit cheesy, but the pure energy that comes up at a gig keeps us going. And it is highly rewarding for all stresses and strains... if you listen to a Bloodspot record, you hear the songs. But the real Bloodspot is to be experienced live on stage. I get the chills just thinking of our upcoming 10th Anniversary Show... There's nothing that comes even close to the feeling when delivering a good show- the adrenaline, the sweat, the euphoria, the energetic exchange with the fans. Every time we want to give our absolut best, and we're enjoying ourselves very much. We're very happy and grateful for having that privilege.

Thank you so much for your time for my interview!

Howdie: Thank you Kumi for your boundless passion and support!

Marius: Yeah thank you, you're amazing!





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Trick Or Treat – “Rabbits’ Hill pt.II” – Insight of the concept


I’m an indie extreme metal supporter and my site stands just for it, but I’d love to write my feelings for the incredible concept album “Rabbits’ Hill pt.II” created by my favorite Italian power metal band Trick Or Treat.
It was more than a decade ago when I was totally into “Watership Down” by Richard Adams for the first time. I read it as Japanese edition “ウォータシップダウンのウサギたち” at that time. Time passed by, Trick Or Treat pulled the trigger for my passion for the epic adventure again with their two concept albums.
So I finally read the book as the original English edition lately. The story never gets old and blew me away over again! And I also found out once again, such a talented band Trick Or Treat is. The tunes and lyrics perfectly describe the Watership Down universe in their way, that’s just incredible!
If you are a fan of both of Watership Down and metal, I bet you’ll never be disappointed with the album, so please try it.
Trick Or Treat drew the first half of Watership Down in Rabbits’ Hill pt.I (covers “The Journey” and “On Watership Down” in the book) about 4 years ago and finally the second half of the story: Rabbits’ Hill pt.II (covers “Efrafa” and “Hazel-rah” in the book) came out this summer with more sophisticated sounds.
Here’s my very personal review for Rabbits’ Hill pt.II about the great collaboration between “Watership Down” and metal. I rarely write album reviews for my site cos everybody has different feelings and tastes about music and you can get what you feel only by listening to it with your own ears, not from other people’s words, never. You even can start it with YouTube. And if you feel good with it, you can buy it wherever as long as it’s a regal way and can support metal. I never want to act like a judge for any music, so this review covers some insight of the concept with my love for the story and the album without rating. I hope you enjoy it.

Note: It could be spoilers for the story of Watership Down. So if you don't know the story so far and want to read the book, please remember the following review could show you some detail of the story especially second half of it.


Watership Down is an enormous adventure about “fight for freedom” through a bunch of brave wild rabbits and the book contents stories from two different rabbit’s worlds. One of them is the main story drew up a chronology of events as adventures of the wild rabbits, and the other one stands as “traditional story” a kind of rabbit’s bible told by the rabbits and it often gives them some bravery and hits for how to cope with their struggles for life with their enemies. So, Trick Or Treat dealt with both of them in the album and the opener Inlé(the black rabbit of death) is just about the most dreadful existence(the black rabbit of Inlé) in the rabbits’ myth. As an extreme metal lover, I’m happy to hear some growl part in the song honestly. The word “Inlé” comes from the rabbits’s original language Lapine and it means literally “moon”, and second meaning of it is “darkness”, “fear” and “death”. So, it could be some death metal song, *grin*. Anyway, the song is edgy and aggressive, and it’s just appropriate for the opener of the album. Great piece! It’s a contrasting pair with Prince with a 1000 enemies the opening track of Rabbits’ Hill pt.I pointed the rabbit folk hero(in their myth) El-ahrairah. It’s just like darkness and light. You can find them in both of cover arts.
I also should mention the fact that all those fabulous arts through Rabbits’ Hill pt.I & II are done by Alessandro Conti the amazing singer of the band.


Well, in the ending of the first half of the story, Hazel (the protagonist rabbit) shot down by a farmer at Nuthanger Farm right after the raid for hutch-rabbits there in the name of freedom. Together Again is the song about Hazel’s return from his chasm of death (related songs: I’ll come back for you and Bright eyes from pt.I) and the reunion with his buddies especially his young brother Fiver who didn't give up his existence. The short, calm and gentle song gives a new hope for the story.

Cloudrider is a song about Kehaar the sea gull saved by the rabbits, and it’s definitely one of my favorite songs from the album. Like Bigwig (Thlayli) says “You know, he made me feel I could fly too. That Big Water! I wish I could see it.”, Kehaar is wings of hope for the rabbits, and Trick Or Treat is my Kehaar setting me free (at heart) like a bird in the blue sky. Such a brilliant song with full of positivity they created!
The Hazel’s give-and-take idea through the rescue of Kehaar and a mouse reminds me the famous quote from Confucius ‘the good you do for others is good you do yourself’, by the way.

The epic adventure heads toward the merciless rabbits empire - Efrafa with the almost impossible mission organized by Team Hazel-rah. The intro of Efrafa shows you a creepy and cruel mood enough already. It’s a song about Blackavar imprisoned by Efrafan officers because he tried to run away from Efrafa once before. No matter he is imprisoned in a dark hole or not, Efrafa itself is just a big prison for him and many simple rabbits there. The song starts with Blackavar’s grief but it leads to a light in the dark brought by Bigwig. I’m always moved by Bigwig’s everlasting strength built on friendship, charity and justice. The chorus part shows you there’s a hope for escape from the hell.

Never Say Goodbye is another song of hope between Bigwig and Hyzenthlay. It’s a song about Hyzenthlay‘s longing for freedom and Bigwig’s conviction for escape. With a relationship built on trust, freedom’s not a dream anymore. The mission-impossible of Team Hazel-rah stands on the brighter future of Watership Down warren. They made through the crisis of their home warren at Sandleford (related songs: Spring in the warren,  Premonition  and Wrong Turn from pt.I) and the sham nation of Cowslip’s warren (related songs: False paradise and Between anger and tears from pt.I) and finally found their new promise land Watership Down (related song: Rabbits’ hill from pt.I), but without female rabbits like Hyzenthlay, there’s no hope for their future. I always love the story of “freedom call” or “freedom fighters”. Sara Squadrani did a great job as Hyzenthlay to express her long time eagerness for freedom. It’s just soulful and beautiful.


Trick Or Treat is often described as Happy Metal. The Great Escape is just a party piece in that way. The story for the escape from Efrafa stands extremely critical but the song itself has very positive tones and that’s why I’m into the song. The lyrics start from the courageous determination between Bigwig and Efrafan rabbits right before the escape from Efrafa into the storm and it covers along the way towards Watership Down warren including the breathtaking scene with the rabbit’s trick: using a men’s boat arranged by Hazel and Blackberry. With the exhilarating chorus part, the song is filled with an exciting mood and positive energies. That’s just brilliant!

Here comes General Woundwort the fierce Efrafan emperor. The regime of terror is the the only way to rule the world for him and he got frantically mad with the bunch of death-defying prison-breakers leading by Bigwig. So They Must Die is very aggressive metal piece with the edgy sound and Tim Owens’s charismatic vocals. It describes very well for General Woundwort’s extreme ferocity and such a twisted obsessiveness.

Well, The tale of Rowsby Woof is one of my favorite songs in pt.I with some Celtic folk song atmosphere. It’s taken from rabbits’ myths with an El-ahrirar’s trick. It’s told by Dandelion as usual before the following Efrafans’ attack. So, in order of the book, the song should be stood between Beware The Train (instrumental) and United but as long as the tale could sync with Nuthanger Farm’s watchdog, I think the band found a good position for the song. So, United shows you the determination for being brave under the flag of brotherhood and freedom, and the preparation for the upcoming final battle. The song has a good vibe and stands as a booster for the following highlight: The Showdown.

Team Hazel-rah has been saved over again by Fiver’s visions, Bigwig’s strength and Hazel’s wisdom inspired by El-ahrirah’s tricks. The Showdown is a song for their showdown literally via the final battle at Watership Down warren and it’s my most favorite song in the album. The tunes and lyrics are absolutely brilliant and I almost forget about the fact it has 10:47 as running time. I want to shout this out that my hat goes off to genius Guido Benedetti for the full deck of amazing songs! In the middle of the song, once the hope almost dies down with the Bigwig’s defeat through the epic fight with General Woundwort, but Lord Frith didn’t reprobate Bigwig, Hazel and his all buddies and gave them another trick for the demise of the battle. I have huge goose-bumps every time with the epic final lines: “We see the rising sun, we feel the rising sun, WE ARE THE RISING SUN.” Just a perfect song for me.

The grand finale of their adventure is filled with hope and brighter future, but every life has its ending. Last Breath is the most beautiful and emotional song I’ve ever listened to in my whole metal life. It’s just like touching to the softest part of my heart and I can’t resist tears every time listening to the song. I really love the epilogue of the story and this amazing song as well cos both of them are extremely pure and peaceful. Now Hazel is going to accept his final journey towards another paradise in bliss with his body behind. Alle’s vocals are just overwhelming and beyond perfect to describe that sensitive moment. With his final shout: “Farewell my land”, I even have to catch back a sob every time. I have to say any words can’t be enough to describe how fantastic this song is. All you can do is to experience it with your own heart and ears.

Trick Or Treat’s “Rabbits’ Hill pt.II” got an epic victory with their incredible songwriting ability and technical play, plus endless positive energies and passion for what they do. The album is definitely one of the best releases of the year for me.

Last of all...
I love readings. It’s much better than movies and TV programs in many ways. But I just shout this out MUSIC IS A MIRACLE! I’d love to pay my endless respects for all genius metal musicians. I just want to say thanks a lot for them from the bottom of my heart.
My thankfulness goes to every single reader of my blog as well.

To metal brothers and sisters united under the metal flag,
Pay for music, support metal bands!

Trick Or Treat Official Website

Trick Or Treat Official Facebook

Trick Or Treat are:

Alessandro Conti (Voice)
Guido Benedetti (Guitar)
Luca Venturelli (Guitar)
Leone Villani Conti (Bass)
Luca Setti (Drums)



Don’t miss Parasite Inc. at Summer Breeze 2016!


Our finest straight melodeathers Parasite Inc. are going to be back at Summer Breeze this year.

Here's some info about it. So, don't miss it!

All about Parasite Inc. on

Parasite Inc. info on Summer







Sight Of Emptiness New Music Video “Hostility”


Our beloved extreme force SIGHT OF EMPTINESS from Costa Rica revealed their new music video Hostility with a footage from Japan Tour 2014, so check it out !!!

All about Sight Of Emptiness on kumi666com

Live Review for their Japan Tour 2014 by Kumi666



Sunless Rise “Unrevealed” attacks Japanese CD stores!

Finally it came true! The newest metal masterpiece "Unrevealed" by Sunless Rise started attacking Japanese CD stores today. Here's some pics at one of disk union CD stores in Tokyo. This is mind-blowing, isn't it?

 - at New Arrivals -



 - at Melodic Death / Folk / Viking -



The text on their copy says: "The first full-length by a Russian Melodic Death Metal band, which was released in 2015. This is a super brilliant album with neo-futuristic arrangements and lyrical clean & death crossed vocals. This is the very high-quality one which is equivalent to Scar Symmetry or Disarmmonia Mundi. Digipak version."


Haven't tried Sunless Rise yet? Check their music and buy their amazing art - "Unrevealed".

Sunless Rise music & merch on Bandcamp

All about Sunless Rise on wwwkumi666com here.


sunless rise band


Live videos from Metal Up Your Life on 06-Feb-2016

The Last Hangmen, All Will Know, Soulbound and Darkest Horizon shared the stage at Metal Up Your Life. You also can see some guys from Burden Of Life and Parasite Inc. in the absolutely stunning photo below!


You can check all those bands I mentioned above here. If you find something interesting there, please buy their music and merch and support those brilliant bands!

So, here we go with some fabulous videos from the concert filmed by!!!

Off-stage shot 1 - merch booth


Off-stage shot 2 - couch potatoes ~ Kötti from Burden Of Life, Johnny and Felix from Soulbound


Incredible beautiful gifts from my support bands. I love you all!!!


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Syranic interview about the new record – “The Coriolis Delusion”


- First of all, welcome back to the scene! How have you been during the long hiatus?

 Hendrik: Thank you! A lot has changed in the last couple of years. Everyone in the band has been really busy concerning things outside the band. Regarding myself, I’m actually living a drastically different life right now than I have been during the production of and touring with ‘The Windscale Inception’. I used to be a full time musician and audio engineer back then, playing gigs and producing the debut EP of my bands Syranic and Killtribe and doing other productions like Legacy of Vydar and Eleonore to make money. On an artistic level that time was really rewarding and I have great memories of it, but I had to realize with this lifestyle I just couldn’t survive financially. So I had to rethink what to do with my life and because of several people I talked to I realized I was interested in another completely different field. Long story short, I became an EMT right after our winter tour of 2010 and am now studying medicine. All this information seems really personal, but combined with the fact that our former singer Julian Parusel left the band it is certainly the biggest reason for our hiatus, since I do most of the songwriting and am involved with everything regarding audio.

- There was some member-change in the band these past years. So, could you tell us about your current lineup?

Hendrik: Our band has been going through a ton of changes on every position since the beginning. Within our short career we’ve been having 4 different guys on bass alone. In the end I had to pick it up myself to record our new EP. I actually recorded only a few lead guitars by myself, almost all of the rhythm guitars have been played by our new guitarist Paul Langer while some lead guitars were done by Rajeev Ramesh. Geerd Jacobs is still doing drums and after Julian left the band we quickly found an ‘indefinite stand-in’ shouter with Thomas Fischer (In Arcane, ex-Killtribe). But even though being a clean singer himself our guitarist Kamil Albrecht wasn’t too keen on doing the whole vocal routine for every gig on top of playing the guitar and eventually left the band too. Searching for a new clean vocalist turned out to be the toughest part. We tried quite a few guys and even considered someone female at some point. All of that ended when I wrote and recorded a new instrumental track at the end of 2013.

I don’t even remember how he got hold of it, but Kamil heard it and spontaneously recorded a full chorus for it and sent that to me without me expecting any of it. It completely blew everything anyone else ever tried for the songs out of the water. I needed to have him back on board and he agreed, that song is now called ‘Dysfunction’ and has become the opener of our new EP.

- Did you already play any show with the latest members?

 Hendrik: Kamil would only do the recording for the new EP and did not want to invest the time to play live. Because of my whole situation I didn’t even know how I would ever be able to invest that much time myself, so we had a discussion about it and we had to realize that basically we could only decide between just letting Syranic die or making it a studio-only project. So that’s what we agreed upon. I can’t say we’re definitely never going to play a show again, but the chances are really low right now. This might seem sad, but to me it’s a great way to still be able to make music with Syranic at all, and I’m really proud of the new stuff we created.


- The new EP The Coriolis Delusion has many differences from the prior release The Windscale Inception and the progressive aspect is more emphasized in the new record. Was it the natural progress for the band?

 Hendrik: The songs are definitely different, which is caused by not having Julian involved in the songwriting anymore on the one hand, but also me being influenced by different bands now on the other hand. The whole Progressive Metal and Djent scene was always a big part of it, but the songs on the old EP ‘The Windscale Inception’ were also heavily influenced by bands like Chimaira, Dagoba, Killswitch Engage or even In Flames. Now on ‘The Coriolis Delusion’ the progressive elements just shine through a lot more as I’ve been listening to bands like Periphery, Textures and Monuments more than before. One thing that holds true to this day though is that I think Killswitch Engage wrote some of the best metal choruses of all time, so mine will always have that imprinted on them.

- The sound production seems different as well. The prior EP has an overwhelming punchy sound, it blasts as hell. The new one got mixed by Hendrik ( again but it sounds smarter as it is. Why did you give the production to The Coriolis Delusion like that way?

Hendrik: ‘The Windscale Inception’ is by far the loudest record I ever produced and I even only know a few records at all that come close to it. That’s kind of cool, and it fits the whole insanity theme we got going on with that one. But it’s also kind of fucked up. And it leads to our old EP sounding pretty distorted on some small stereos, so I didn’t want to do this again. Of course the new EP ‘The Coriolis Delusion’ does not sound as massive if you compare them both at the same volume, but if you correct for that, the sound is still pretty damn big. It’s definitely cleaner than the old one, but that is fully intended. I would even go as far as to say I did not make any obvious mistakes with this production, whereas I’d say I did with the old one.

 - As an enthusiastic listener for your music, comparing those 2 records sensuously, The Windscale Inception has an instantaneous effect and The Coriolis Delusion is a slowly-soak-in type in my opinion. How do you explain the comparison between those releases?

 Hendrik: The songs are definitely more complex now and also just longer than the old ones due to the bigger influence of progressive music. It’s a lot to take in at first, but I think generally the songs that you need time to get into are the ones that stick with you the longest.



- Yalda was once available as free streaming song in the past. So it’s the oldest song on the new EP, isn’t it? The new version sounds fabulous as well anyway. I still love the song so much! What does “Yalda” mean?

 Hendrik: Yes, it’s the oldest one. It is the 6th song we have ever written and it almost made it onto the old EP. We released the online demo right after the ‘The Windscale Inception’ came out.

For that song Julian and I picked up a riff I wrote in 2006 and created the complete song structure in one afternoon. He also wrote all of the lyrics for it. It’s a really cool move of him to let us use all of it. To honor that, the last words on the record are still from the original studio recording with him. The concept behind the lyrics is pretty amazing too. I can’t go too much into depth here so I will just quote Julian: »’Yalda’ is a song which stands for the greatness of life and the connection between all beings who exist today and who have ever existed.« The name refers to the Iranian festival celebrated on the longest and darkest night of the year where it is custom to ignite a big fire representing light and hope.

- Every track name of your music is always impressive. They are witty and audacious. The record title The Coriolis Delusion as well. It sounds scientific ( because of “Coriolis” of course) and like word-game at the same time. Why did you give the name like that?

 Hendrik: The whole concept behind that name was created with our graphic designer Max Widdra, who also created the artwork for our previous record. In short it’s about what’s driving the world, figuratively in the sense of the Earth’s rotation but quite literally in the power of gold and oil. The ‘delusion’ part of it is about the arrogance of thinking you could ever change anything about that.

 - Your former singer Julian was concerning himself in lyrics for The Windscale Inception. Who managed the lyrics for The Coriolis Delusion?

 Hendrik:Except for Yalda, the lyrics for all songs have been written by Thomas and Kamil.


- So, could you tell us the track by track story of the lyrics and the musical behind-hind-the-scene in the new record?

 ThomasDysfunction is an attempt to get access to the systematic nature of the radicalization of people for religious reasons. I just tried to get into the mind of a tortured soul living in a world that has not much to offer for it. I guess it is a rather simple attempt, but for me it was a pretty revealing thought experiment, because it works for a lot of individual cases.

Fallen King deals with the last days of Muammar al-Gaddafi. He was one of very few dictators who was popular among his people, at least for some time. In 2008 over 200 African kings and tribal leaders proclaimed him King of Kings. In the end he was killed by people who once loved him.

It’s not like I am a Gaddafi sympathizer, but I think he had a pretty interesting life and in many ways a good influence on the region. I used to never understand why he had to fall like this. Today we all do!

Control Hunter is all about the western way of optimizing efficiency through dehumanization of mankind. We try to control everything, emotions, speed, working hours, quality time, sleep, nothing is safe. We don’t just live, we organize our life and some of us even organize the life of others. This is wrong! At least in this extent!

 Wave-Breaker is a call for individual decisions even if they break rules of social conventions. Don’t just go with the flow, that makes you part of a system that does not care for your individual needs. It’s all about profit. Lateral thinkers and troublemakers have always been the people who generated progress in knowledge of everything that matters!

 Yalda is the only song that has been written by Julian Parusel. I have not been able to talk to him lately, but if I remember it right, he saw a TV report about the “Yalda night”, which is an Iranian festivity celebrated in the longest night of the year. Yalda goes way back to the zoroastrianism, the praeislamic religion of the Iranian people. Julian was so deeply moved by the report, that he felt the need to write these lyrics. We did not change them a bit and it feels just right to perform them the way he wanted them to be!

Here’s a link to Wikipedia if you’d like to get into it: Yalda on Wiki


Hendrik: Each of the songs has its own underlying musical theme that gets referenced a lot throughout the different parts. Dysfunction is probably the best example. Every single riff is a progression or variation of the riff before it, instead of separately written parts that have just been glued together. Even the chorus is a variation of the verse riff. I wrote the song one morning within about 4 hours and haven’t changed anything about it since then. The writing was obviously heavily influenced by Djent bands like Meshuggah and Periphery but there are also further influences that I can name pretty distinctly now. I’d like to think that the 16th part is due to the fair share of DevilDriver songs getting played in local metal discos here. The breakdown right after that probably wouldn’t exist if I never discovered Betraying The Martyrs. And yes, I’ve heard of the band Monuments before.

 Fallen King starts with a Periphery-esque riff that is actually a variation of a “counting part” our drummer Geerd and I always jammed in the rehearsal room back in 2008. We called it “Feuerwehr” [fire department] then as a reference to the emergency phone number in the EU [112] since it goes like 1-1-2-1-3-1-1-2-1-3… Both verses were written in admiration of Glasscloud’s absolutely destroying heaviness. The prechorus is an homage to Monuments while the chorus is to Killswitch Engage and TesseracT. Textures and Dead Letter Circus were probably the biggest influences to the long interlude part after the second chorus. The outro is practically made of the stuff Justin Lowe wrote for every After The Burial song once you hit the 3 minute mark. I love the outros this guy wrote, damn.

 Control Hunter is basically me trying to write riffs like Bring Me The Horizon did during the ‘Suicide Season’ era. Architects influenced me on this one, too. Much like dysfunction there is a basic theme that just gets varied a lot through the song, from beginning to end.

Wave-Breaker is the oldest song on the record right after Yalda. That’s why it’s overall faster and more ‘metalcorey’. The intro and verse riffs are influenced by a really cool one man project by Darren Cruickshank called Bleeding Skies. He writes some amazing riffs, you should definitely check him out if you’re into djenty stuff! At least part of the chorus was created with Sikth in mind. The closest thing to being an influence on the breakdown right after the second chorus might actually be Emmure though. The outro itself was written by Rajeev and me and partly derives from me mixing the latest Under The Pledge of Secrecy album. They always write crazy dissonant stuff with sick time signature changes and their album might just be the heaviest thing I have ever heard.

As I said earlier, Yalda was written by both Julian Parusel and me and is based on a riff I wrote back in 2006. I can’t really name all of the influences anymore, but there is probably some Dagoba and Chimaira in there. The chorus and instrumental interlude are hard evidence of my strong love for Textures though. The ending is a mix of Textures and TesseracT influences. It is the fastest song on the record, though there is a pretty funny thing that happened during one of our biggest gigs, where Geerd’s click just got totally fucked and was playing back way to slow. Geerd was so perplexed by it that he continued that tempo all throughout the intro and even parts of the first verse. For a minute of our career Syranic was a Doom Metal band.


- Why did you release the new record as EP again?

Hendrik: I knew I wouldn’t be able to manage a full-length production including songwriting, recording and mixing in a reasonable timeframe alongside studies and the other audio productions I do and most of the other guys wouldn’t either. So a 5 track EP was just the most realistic goal to set. And that still took us about two years, which is way longer than I expected. There were only very certain and tight periods where I could focus on the production and it sometimes didn’t sync up quite well with some of the others’ free time. In the end I’m glad we didn’t even do a 6 track, which we thought about too.

- Do you have any plan for a full-length in the near future?

 Hendrik: My personal situation might change a bit in the future, so that I get to have more control over when to have free time. It also might become even worse. In any case we will almost certainly stick to smaller releases. If we produce songs at a faster rate in the future, we will just make those releases more frequently.

- I’ve been waiting for your first music video for a long time! Do you have any plan for the shooting?

Hendrik: There are actually plans to do that this year, but of course I can’t promise anything. We really want this, but unfortunately our drummer Geerd Jacobs, who is also our photo and video guy, is even more busy than I am.

- Since you had a long time hiatus (at least for your fans), could you give some message for your fans and new listeners in the world?

 Hendrik: Thanks so much to everyone who stayed with us during this rough patch! Thank you for your patience and for believing in us. To everyone who checked out our new record, old fan or new listener, please let us know what you think. We’re not making any actual money with this, but we basically live off your reactions, so please share them with us!


Check Syranic on Facebook!

Get The Coriolis Delusion via Syranic Bandcamp !!!

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Sunless Rise Interview about the ultimate concept album “Unrevealed”

 Finally our long waiting time has ended. The finest Russian melodic death metal force Sunless Rise has released their first full-length “Unrevealed” after long quiet years. Guitars, drums, keyboards, basses and vocals… they are so extreme in the album and every single song is just spectacular! They drew the story of the album on a magnificent scale but it’s not like sci-fi space battle movie, it’s just like a philosophical and spiritual journey crossing between the past, present and the future. It’s about our planet earth, about creatures which lost connection with the great nature - humans. I’m absolutely excited to have an interview with the band again about the amazing concept album. And I would love to share it with all of Sunless Rise maniacs in the world. If you only lick a surface of the album, you would not touch to the true resonance of their amazing musical universe.

sunless rise band

 Hello again. I’m so excited with your new album “Unrevealed”! You guys have done an amazing job, congrats! As you told us in the previous interview, the prior release “Promo EP” was a preview of the new full-length, and finally we can see those fragmentary pieces as one massive story. How did you come up with the sophisticated concept?

SLR: Hello again - and big thanks for your compliments! We ourselves are glad as hell the album is finally out.

Talking about the album’s concept, or plot - the idea of it is as old as our band. A concept album based on some fiction story, with this cold and mysterious imaginary Siberia as it’s background - that was on our minds right from the start. And during this long and challenging period of the concept’s realization. The basic plot was a story of an immoral, corrupt man whose very fatal actions lead to Earth crisis, a global catastrophe. And he becomes the only one survivor - for he is taken to some kind of trans-dimensional spiritual journey and his worldview, his beliefs and values are to be tested big time!

During that period all the members of the band were heavily into studying some fascinating stuff - like alternative archaeology, stuff that opposes official human history trying to prove it’s manipulated. Also, into all kinds of myths, mythology in general, exploring legends and beliefs of our ancestry. That influenced the lyrics a lot - and made the story as it is known now.

 The story of “Unrevealed” goes along with an icy and severe climate, and you set a location as “Siberia” into some lyrics. Did you configure places in the story from your local real world to another dimension?

SLR: Correct. Siberian nature surrounds us from birth - wide open spaces of primeval wilderness - and it has a huge impact of one’s personality. Actual Siberia is a natural Arc, with it’s plentiful supplies of environmental resources, fresh water, fresh air, with this enormously big territory. Actual Siberia is also a rough place. Imaginary Siberia in our story is a place of purgatory-level roughness, and it will reward the hero with an opportunity to cleanse his soul - by performing his mission and ending cycle of aeons.

sunless rise video

 The desperate story about humanity is a reflection of your real thoughts about what is/will be happening in the world, right? Do you think there’s no hope for the human race?

SLR: With mode of existence as wasteful as current our civilization surely won’t live for long. 100-200 years max - talking about natural supplies. We also are constantly clashing with planet’s biosphere and it makes catastrophes unavoidable. You can’t reach harmony if you don’t keep your balance - valid for human, valid for planet. Why killing our kind like we do when humanity could try to live for thousands and million years without system crashes. No, we don’t think that humanity is doomed, humans can be amazingly die-hard. This current fashion of unrestrained consumerism - that’s what is definitely doomed. It leads to what disaster movies are made about. And some music albums as well, you know.

 In the 7th track “Recovering The Truth”, there appears four temples which reflect from the deep past to present, and the song covers three of the four temples: Temple of Serenity, Temple of Mercy and Temple of Discord. But you didn’t mention the name of the forth temple in the following songs, right? In my personal interpretation, it would be “Temple of Depuration” – the depuration for the earth. What is the name of the forth temple actually?

SLR: The “working title” for that fourth temple was Temple Of Agony, but I guess Temple Of Depuration is even more appropriate name. The mentioned temples symbolize four eras of civilization’s development, they are described in some cultures’ myths, the four of them. And according to most of the ancient calendars this era is the last, the shortest one. It is described as an era of total moral decay that will end in total purification. And then an era of Serenity follows.

 The new song - Reborn you released as a music video right before releasing the album. It made me surprised because there are no growls, no blasts but it's still brilliant. And I found all of the songs in the album sync perfect between its tunes and lyrics. Did you finish basic composition of the songs before writing lyrics?

SLR: Very glad you enjoy this song. Recording one track with clean singing only as we made to “Reborn” was our one idea; another idea was to record a track with only harsh vocals - that’s what we’ve performed in “The Burnt And The Frozen”. And “Reborn” is supposed to give listener some rest from endless blastbeats, galloping guitars and extreme singing.

We always write music before lyrics, the opposite order would make music more trivial in our case and by our experience.

 The studio set for “Reborn” looks amazing for expressing the lyrical atmosphere! Where did you film it and why did you take such a long time (about two years?) to release the video?

SLR: Theatrical scenery was rented from one of local photography studios and the video was shot with their help - about two years ago. When finally the album was ready to be released we’ve felt a lot of doubts after watching “Reborn”’s final cut. Some of us even doubted it was good enough to be published, wouldn’t it marr the whole effect in some way, there were arguments among some band members. But we’ve decided to take a risk - and it turned out that the video was received very well.

sunless rise video set

 I’ve been listening to “Promo 2009” many times for ages but it merges very well with the new songs and never gets old in the new album. We even can enjoy some differences between the original recordings and the new versions. Did the environment for recordings in a studio changed better after the previous release – “Promo EP”?

SLR: Generally the studio resources became much more accessible and easy-to-use these years. Our “Promo” recording was made in a big studio that felt expensive and not very comfortable, but the atmosphere of “Unrevealed” recording sessions was absolutely relaxed - thanks to the friendly Sound Way home studios.

 Like in the track 2 “Ghosts of The Past”, we can hear some effective orchestrations and I love it. How did you manage those orchestration parts in the album?

SLR: It’s a track with longest history, it was written 9 years ago by our bassist Eugeny Kasitsyn and was reworked a thousand times, and if you like it - then it was worth the labor! To be serious, the main secret of orchestration in “Ghosts Of The Past” is countless keyboard parts made by Sergey Shulzhenko - synths, orchestral parts, also some up-to-date electronic touch (the track was produced with a help of Ilya Fatal of Fail Emotions).

 Sound effects are awesome as well. For example, the new version of “Awakening” has additional sound effects with breaths and heartbeats from the protagonist. It helps us to get more vivid imaginations about the story. Did you come up the idea after the prior release “Promo 2009”?

SLR: All these effects were also produced by Sergey - but first we wanted to call on some FX professionals. All in all Sergey’s talent and experience appeared to be high enough for the mission.

sunless rise cd unrevealed

 Who is responsible for the wonderful artwork design?

SLR: Our good friend and a great graphic artist Nadezhda Kopchina. First sketch was done by 2014 and then we’ve made several correction before the artwork was finished - and it’s a real drawing not digital. Nadezhda also have designed all Sunless Rise merch, our stage theatricals (like banners), our alternative logo.

 As an obvious concept album, you placed various type songs in the right order and the whole music is just incredible! I really love your typical mind-blowing play style anyway. You guys are pretty technical and precise. Could you show us your main gears (guitar, effecter, drum-set, keyboard, etc…)?

SLR: Our drummer is endorsed by TRX cymbals, and he uses Axis double pedal. What else - Korg X50, ESP KH-2 guitar, Carvin LB76 bass, Line 6 UX8 sound card, Macbook Pro and some ear gear. Our specific feature is that we don’t use guitar or bass amps. Everything except for drums is plugged to and controlled by the sound card. So, the control desk receives a ready mix and everyone receives individual metronome signal.

 Did you play the entire songs from “Unrevealed” at the album release show? 

SLR: Yes, we’ve played the whole album, in the same track order, the live set took a bit more than one hour. We’ve also wrote and performed a new two-and-a-half minute intro - specially for the event, it’s not on the album.

Check epic photos from the album release show here !

 Do you have any plans for shows outside of Russia in the near future?

SLR: Oh, we would love to! Would be amazing to visit different parts of our planet and show our art to ones who appreciate it.

 You mentioned about a new EP in my previous interview, didn’t you? Did you hit a studio for the recording already?

SLR: We will hit studio in a couple of months, now the composing activities are taking place, and these activities are very intensive. The process of writing songs is a very demanding thing, the recording process doesn’t start before we are happy with composition.

 Well, we have waited for the first-full length these past 5 years. Yeah 5 YEARS! I really hope we don't need to wait next 5 years for your second album. Do you think you will be able to work on it within a couple of years?

SLR: We’ll do our best not to delay our next releases. Our fans’ support - moral and financial - encourages us a lot. We are sincerely grateful and hoping to keep bringing you quality Metal!


Get the ultimate concept album "Unrevealed" via Sunless Rise bandcamp !!!

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Sunless Rise New Music Video “Reborn” has been revealed!


The finest Russian melodic death metal band Sunless Rise revealed their new music video "Reborn" right before the release of their first full-length "Unrevealed"! You would be confused about the new song in the video because of the full clean vocals without their massive brutality. But no worry, its'a a part of a massive story which will be revealed entirely within a couple of hours. So enjoy!!!

Here's the latest statement from the band for the video and the album!

"No brutal singing? What?!

The protagonist wakes up from a long sleep which appears to be his meaningless life. All his struggles, hopes and fears have lost any sense after the global catastrophe that ended every living thing’s life. Is he dead? No - he is REBORN.

This is composition number six and it’s a counterpoint of the whole story. It is not a typical Sunless Rise track, but which one is typical? Be not afraid - you’ll get tons of walloping brutality on this new recording. Now check out our music’s softer side.

By the way, we’ve made this video in 2013 and then it took two more years before the album was finally finished. Some of us were even doubting - will this video be a bit... misleading? Would it scare off some of our listeners who are hungry for crazy blastbeats and insane shredding?

It’s a chapter from our story and you’ll be able to uncover it as a whole TOMORROW.

You can find their typical overwhelming style in the following video!

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Sapiency Interview – “We’re far away from being depressed doomsayers that want to evoke the end.”


Sapiency is an absolutely active band in the underground metal scene.Just like the brightest star, they keep emitting their positive energies with its music.

As long as there is “genre” for easy-recognition, they can be categorized as Melodic Death Metal band, but they have some tasty uniqueness beyond the genre. Most of MDM bands cope with “death” as inevitable destiny, suffering way to hell, massacre or apocalypse as you know. Sapiency shows you that kind of theme as well but you can feel a sort of positive vibe through their music somehow.

That’s one of points I’m digging deep into their music. So, I’d love to know the secret that makes them own music so gorgeous.


First of all, your latest announcement about Krsto’s withdrawal made me shocked. He was absolutely great shouter though. What happened with him?

 Lars: Hi Kumi, first we like to thank you for having this short interview with us. We have heard a lot about you in Germany and are very much appreciating how you are supporting the German Metal-Scene and its bands. What you do on your site is absolutely amazing. I wish people in Germany would also feature and support bands from Nippon (like the outstanding band “Gonin-Ish” that I really really love to see live one day in Germany).

 Rene: Regarding your question about our former Shouter Krsto. Being in a band is like being in a relationship - and so you always have your ups and downs. However, at some point you have to realize that your plans for the future and your idea of working and making music together are too different to keep it going and that it’s the best solution for everybody to go their separate ways.

 Kai: However, we can say that nobody of us has hard feelings against each other and we wish Krsto all the best for his future career as a musician and producer! Above all, we want to thank him for more than three awesome years with many unforgettable events and memories!

Could you tell us about the support singer: Phil Heckel?

 Lars: Yeah, we are very happy that Phil has joined our band In May. He is a very experienced and a very valueable bandmember and a good friend who has joined Sapiency finally in June. We met together on a tour with his band NEW BORN HATE a few years ago and all of us were overwhelmed by his talent, his voice and his amazing live-performance. He was extremely motivated to learn the set within a few days, which also shows his high ambition to bring things forward within our band. He inspires us and brings a whole lot of energy, motivation and a big bunch of fresh ideas into the band. We are not only appreciating that he plays his role within Sapiency, we love him for what he is doing for our band and that he is a part of our family now. We did some great shows together, like Dong Open Air and some other big festivals around Frankfurt and our fans and the rest of the crowd are giving us extremely positive feedback about his talent and his performance. In other words: Phil is the one, we like to together with in future and until the end of days.

So, you are not looking for a new permanent growl singer anymore?

 Lars: Nope. Phil is the guy and we are not having any intention or reason to look out for anyone else in the moment and in future. We already told him, that some of us are very good and experienced in removing kneecaps with rusty knifes (just in case he would have some intention to leave us in within the next months or years). Just kidding: Of course we will remove the rust before we’ll do that… LOL…

I really loved the combination between the gravelly clean vocals and the massive shouts. Will you keep the superb balance in upcoming releases?

 Kai: Thanks so much for your positive feedback! Yeah, I even could not explain it better than you: “Balance” is the perfect word for what we would like to achieve within our vocal- department. Our vocalists never really think about a “method” or a kind of strict “recipe”, when they are writing their lines. Indeed there are a couple of bands who are always using the same static and fixed cluster in each and every of their songs like “Kick-ass-growling- verses + Sing-Along-Chorus”, which is something we do in a few songs, too. But there is a whole lot more that you can achieve in the mind of the listener, when you break up with this static scheme a bit. Sapiency contains of very experienced composers and musicians and also of two very experienced singers who are both melodic- and aggressive-shouting- machines. The two individual singers are able to take parts from one another without any problem anymore, which means that we are not sticking to old conservative “clean-vocal versus guttural-shouting”-roles anymore. Our shouter is having skills to sing clean-vocals, too which will make our upcoming songs even more interesting. I am very sure that we will keep the Ying&Yang-balance on our next records, but with our new singer we are even more willing to step into a new level of creativity without losing our balance. So be surprised, what’s up to come with the new Sapiency!

Since this is my first interview with you guys, could you introduce the current regular members to us?

 Lars: Of course. It’s a pleasure (even if not sooo much has changed in the line-up): At first I would like to introduce our Mastermind, who is composing the majority of the songs: Rene Ritzmann (aka “Ritzi”). Then we have Holger Wenck as a second guitarist who is doing a great job on the rhytm-guitar. On the bass-guitar we have Sebastian Fix (aka “Faxe”) who is working perfectly together with our clockwork Kai-Peter Voss-Fels (aka “Kai”) on drums to keep all in the moshing-mode. On vocals we are proud to introduce our new vocalist and shouter Mister Phil Heckel (aka “Phil”) and myself Lars Bittner (aka “Lars”) as the clean- and clean-screaming vocal-guy.

How about the history of the band?

 Lars: Haha, usually this is the copy+paste-question, but we do not like to do such unpersonal stuff for you and your readers.

About our history: Rene, Holger and me (Lars) met the first time about 10 years ago. We played together in a band called “Force Trankill” for a couple of years. To follow other famous bands, this band decided to split up in 2008 or so. In parallel Lars has played in a Prog-Metal-Band called “Amyris”, which also tended to split-up somehow, so he posted a search-request as a vocalist in a few online-magazines. The telephone rang and guess what: Rene and Holger were calling Lars, because they were in progress to build up a new band. I agreed and Holger, Rene plus a former bassman were sitting together in a rehearsal-room in Frankfurt again to work on new songs in 2009.

I can clearly remember the first sessions on our first song called “Wake Up”, which was one of the very first songs on our first release, the EP "Mercy". The release of our EP Mercy get a really great feedback of a lot of magazines and we were subsequently rewarded a record deal. In November 2010, our debut album "Fate’s End" was released to wide acclaim by the press and fans alike. Our first tour took place in May 2011 with Pathfinder and Power Quest and a few months later, in August 2011 we were already supporting California’s own W.A.S.P. during their world tour at numerous sold out shows all over Germany. Following many national and international concerts, we was invited to perform at "70.000 TONS OF METAL" in January of 2012 as well at "METALFEST" 2012, on the legendary Loreley stage. A few month later we released our first music video clip via the music TV station IM1 as prelude of our upcoming studio album "Tomorrow". During the recordings of our second album and two weeks before we had to went to the "70.000 TONS OF METAL" our shouter Sebastian decided to leave the band. This was a really hard situation for us. So we was absolutely happy that Krsto spontaneously pinch-hit as our new shouter. In March of 2013, our second album "Tomorrow" was released. The national and international reactions were great and subsequently it was rewarded with a marketing deal through the American label Eclipse Records and endorsement deals by SCHECTER GUITARS, DÄESCH BASS GUITARS, BLUE LINES BACKLINE RENTAL and KÖNIG UND MEYER. In the beginning of 2014, we released our next music video via IM1, leading to more mayhem: A European tour in May, gigs at international festivals like "METALDAYS" and "OUT&LOUD", as well as concerts with bands such as SIX FEET UNDER, RAGE and EKTOMORF are just an excerpt from our 2014 schedule. During the last five years we had played more than 120 concerts at locations all over europe, performing side by side with greats such as KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, DEATHSTARS, SONIC SYNDICATE, DEAD BY APRIL and many many more. This is a short extract of our history.


What does “Sapiency” mean for the band?

 Lars: Being wiser than some others and to use our brains more often.

 Rene: Literally translated it means something like „wisdom“ - of course we mean this in an ironic way, like „the older you get the less is the risk that you make certain mistakes again and again“. We’re not all that young anymore and really gained lots of experience during our careers - however, we sometimes make the same mistakes again ;-) To be honest, making music with SAPIENCY means… everything for us. Music and particularly Metal - it’s a philosophy of life and has always been a special lifestyle for all of us. We’ve played way more than 120 shows together and spend so much time together - this blends a team and we really know each other quite well, somehow like in a family. It’s some kind of microcosm that is hardly understandable from the outside (sometimes even from the inside, haha)

All of your musical releases so far are Fate’s End (1st full-length 2010) and Tomorrow (2nd full-length 2013), right?

 Lars: Yes, so far. But we are working on a new album currently, which will be released 2016.

 Rene: You’re absolutely right. Well, apart from a small EP record, „MERCY“, which was before our first album. It contained four songs that we re-recorded for FATE’S END because we really liked them and wanted to have them on our first LP.

Actually, I love both of those albums! So, I’d love to ask you about them especially about the latest full-length “Tomorrow”. One of my favorite points from the album is I can feel positive aggression through the music itself. Who composed those tunes mainly?

 Kai: This is Rene. He writes all the music and the arrangements. He’s first of all giving lots of creative input fort he band. This means that he’s recording stuff at home to give the rest of us a feeling for the song he was thinking about. Subsequently we work it out together in the rehearsal room to include as many ideas as possible and to consider individual thoughts on the respective songs. This always adds some synergic effect and we think that it’s working quite fine.

How about those lyrics?

 Lars: The lyrics are created by myself and Phil. We try find great hook-lines and to provide positive energy and brutality within our songs.


The cover-art looks very impressive with the contrast between the dystopia and a little hope loaded on the radio flyer, just like “death” and “rebirth”. What does it represent?

 Lars: A very good question: It should represent the hope in a “better tomorrow”.

Rene: Well, you actually got to the point. You can see it as a conceptual continuation of the first album “FATE’S END” on which we voice our concerns that humanity is slowly steering towards the abyss. On “TOMORROW” we want to point out that we all should rethink our lives a little, otherwise we endanger our own fundamental existence. However, as you can also here in our music, we’re far away from being depressed doomsayers that want to evoke the end. We’re convinced that every end also offers new opportunities and new chances to chance and make things better. This is what the little child on the cover is standing for.

Many bands have been dealing with apocalyptic themes nowadays because of us: human beings which have been treating horrible toward our mother nature. It seems we are plunging toward doomsday. So, do you think we would be able to rebuild a beautiful relationship with her in the future?

 Lars: We should try to build it even in the present.

 Rene: Well, that’s a really philosophical question and not so easy to answer in a few sentences. If you look around what’s happening in the world these days it’s of course rather doubtful. On the other hand we have to stay positive and keep our heads up. Humanity has also always been able to establish something beautiful and fantastic - why shouldn’t this help fixing nowadays’ problems?

Okay, get back on the tracks from the second full-length “Tomorrow”. “Free Within” is available as a music video as well, right? Who produced the film?

Rene: The video was produced by Mat Stein: Matstein Development Facebook, a young and very talented man. We were especially happy to have the German actress Britta Horn who supported us at this video shoot. It was amazing to work together with her because she’s an extremely professional and creative person what you can clearly also see in the video.

Why did you choose the song for a music video?

 Lars: We were thinking that the song and its lyrics are a good reason to tie up girls. And it worked ;O)

My special favorite in “Tomorrow” is “Unknown Enemy” and the final track “Dying Illusions”, however every single song in the album is fabulous! Could you tell us about your own favorite?

 Lars: Each and every song belongs to our favorites. But all of us like “Hungry again” the most, because it is kind of very special vocal-experiment.

What is the obvious difference between “Fate’s End” and “Tomorrow” for you?

 Lars: The CD-covers are looking different and we were getting 2 years older between the 2 albums ;O)

 Rene: The many shows we played after our debut album "Fate´s End" were very important for the development of "TOMORROW", because it was very important for us that all the songs will kick as in the live situation... and I think it works! The songs and the arrangements are more sophisticated and much heavyer and we had found our own style.

Let’s talk about the future because “Tomorrow” had been released in 2013. Do you have any plan for a new album so far?

Rene: We definitely have! We’re currently working on the last compositions for the new LP and we’re very happy to say that the largest parts of the upcoming album are done. However, the whole songwriting and recording process was hampered a little because we changed our singer. On the other hand this gives us some new creative input as we now re- check the compositions and try to improve the songs here and there. With our next release we really want to blow you guys away and at the moment we’re quite optimistic that this will happen. To increase the flexibility during the recording sessions and to be able to modify things later in the recording process we decided to do the recording completely by ourselves. We’re not tied to studio times anymore - that, on the other hand, obliges us to have an even closer look on the arrangements but it helps to work everything out more carefully and to really reach the maximum for every single song. We can already say that the third LP will be the best SAPIENCY album so far - that’s for sure. We’re planning to release it during the first half of 2016. You should stay tuned.

Do you have any interest in music market / metal fan-base in Japan?

 Lars: Yes, of course.

Could you tell us about your upcoming schedule this year?

 Kai: This year we will 100% focus on the completion of the new album so that we can do some nice tours and shows in 2016.

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