ALL WILL KNOW interview about “Contact.”, about the band – pt.1

Hi! I’m happy to have an interview with All Will Know, thank you!

Jan: Thanks, the pleasure is ours ;)

Well, I’m kinda extreme metal fan, so, after licking some music teaser of yours when I knew the band, I thought your music is a bit softer than my favorite type but actually I’m totally into the album “Contact.” since I played it at the first time! That’s brilliant and addicting! So, I’m feeling your music is very unique with the combination between much aggressive elements and extremely melodic parts. How do you describe about your music?

Jan: First of all, thanks for the interview and your kind words! I think our music is a mix from all metal styles, mostly containing Melodic Death Metal and Metalcore elements.

Your musical history fascinates me so much. For example, Agathodaimon are well-known even in Japan. Why did you guys start the new band? Could you introduce each member to us?

Jan: When Felix and I left Agathodaimon in 2010 both of us had written a lot of songs which should be released on the next Agathodaimon album. We thought it would be a pity if that stuff wouldn’t be released. So we started searching for musicians to create a new band. That went really fast because we knew most of the guys for a very long time and had some other projects with them. When Steve and Danny joined us and finally ‘We Are Guilty’ fused with us we were complete and could start working as a whole-piece.

To introduce the members let’s start with Sebastian our drummer and live-motor. Then there’s Ivi on bass keeping a solid fundament of our sound. Felix is doing the keyboards and sound-designs, Danny and I are playing guitars. The clean vocals are handled by Mo and Steve is doing the shouts and some harsher clean vox too.

I really like Steve’s dynamic shout vox, and of course Mo has a wonderful clean voice, but I couldn’t imagine well that kinda diametrical two vocals could grows into one very well like that ‘til I knew the band. Do you feel any difficulty for making those different vocals as a perfectly united one?

Jan: Thanks for the kind words (: Yes, Steve and Mo spend some time to complement one another in that way you hear now on CD. Now, after 30-40 concerts, they even live goad each other very good and are often called something like Laurel and Hardy in the band ;)

My favorite songs in the album “Contact.” are “Static”, “Mental Takedown” and “Devolution”. Which song do you like best? I would like to hear about it from each member of the band and the reason why.

Jan: Ah, I see, as you said you’re more into the extremer kind of songs and therefore I think you like our guest-singers on “Mental Takedown” and “Devolution” too. On “Mental Takedown” that’s Jagger from DISBELIEF and on “Devolution” it’s Frank, the former Agathodaimon-singer. Well, I think everybody has his own personal song. For Mo it’s “The Weakest Spot”, our album-opener. Steve would say “Static”. I'm very addicted to “A Dying Heart” and Danny likes “Mental Takedown” most. Felix has a very personal story about “How Far Would You Go” and the rhythm section of the band of course likes groovy songs like “Feeding The Aftermath” (Ivi) and “Counting Stars” (Sebastian).


Why did you name the album “Contact.”? Do you have any concept or theme for the album?

Jan: As I said before the founding of the band went quite fast and shortly after we found ourselves in the studio to record our first album. So the name occurred in our minds as it describes our personal contact as seven individuals as well as the first contact with the public. In ‘contact.’ we have no concept which connects every song of the album for example in the lyrics. But that may be a nice idea for our next releases. In musical ways our only maxim was to keep it very variable, we didn’t want to focus on a special style of (metal) music.

to be continued…






ALL WILL KNOW - The Weakest Spot from the kick-ass album Contact.

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